Say Hello to GlassHive

A super sweet sales & marketing app for IT service providers

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Created to overcome your struggles

GlassHive was developed with the care and attention of a team who has worked alongside MSPs of every size to help them achieve their sales and marketing dreams.

And along the way, we kept seeing the same struggles. Visibility, accountability, manual data management — no matter the company, they had to put in the work to clear the same bottlenecks.

Not anymore. Today, there's GlassHive.

The visibility to solve your biggest problems

If you’re an IT service provider, you know what your problem is… it’s sales and marketing. If you want to fix that problem you need to approach it like any other problem: Identify the source.

That’s why GlassHive’s entire foundation is built on visibility. You can finally have complete visibility over your sales and marketing team, making the source of the problem clear.

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Innovative sales & marketing features for IT service providers

Email marketing management

From a simple intuitive email builder that enables you to compose beautiful emails campaigns to fully automated marketing plans and journeys. GlassHive helps you master email marketing.

Feature - Email marketing management

Tried and tested MSP marketing content

GlassHive offers a large library of marketing resources that cover the full gamut of IT services. All of it is automatically branded for your company so you can go to market in minutes.

Feature - Tried and tested MSP marketing content

Automated activity tracking

Even if you don't love Outlook, chances are you rely on it to handle vital communications. GlassHive will automatically grab those activities and enter them in GlassHive for you.

Feature - Automated activity tracking

Bulk sales actions

GlassHive takes the grunt work out of sales follow up. Use GlassHive’s powerful bulk actions to follow up thousands of leads in under 5 minutes.

Feature - Bulk sales actions
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Simplify marketing relationships through platform unity

GlassHive takes the complexity out of vendor marketing relationships by creating a single platform that benefits both vendors and partners.

Don't believe us? These companies do.

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