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Level up your IT marketing

You’re used to being on the front line of generating new revenue. You’ve probably heard more than one variation of “this lead isn’t an SQL.”

That’s a thing of the past with GlassHive.

GlassHive gives you the complete picture of your marketing efforts. When you hand that lead off to your sales team, you know its qualified.

Next-generation email builder

Build completely custom and branded emails with our intuitive and simple-to-use email builder.

Whether you use one of our pre-made templates or design one yourself, all emails sent through GlassHive are mobile-responsive.

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Comprehensive & automated marketing plans

Plan out months or years worth of marketing content through our marketing plan tool.

Schedule the exact date, time and topic of every email you want to send out ahead of time. Any marketing content you need to get started already exists in the GlassHive collateral library, and all calls to action are automatically linked to the collateral piece of your choosing.

Just pick a start date and watch the leads roll in.

Built-in and easy to use A/B testing

Automatic A/B testing ensures you’re always sending out the strongest email.

With GlassHive’s built-in A/B testing, you can test different subject lines or content on a portion of your list and send out the best performer to your full list automatically.


All of your data in one pane of glass

One of the core tenets of GlassHive is visibility. From day one, GlassHive as a platform was developed to offer comprehensive visibility that could be leveraged to improve sales and marketing efforts.

That’s why we made your home dashboard a snapshot of all the analytics you need to assess and improve your marketing.

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future video

Pre-made marketing material that’s proven to work

When you sign up for GlassHive, you instantly get access to a full library of marketing material. Whitepapers, eBooks, videos and more covering topics from IT budget to virtualization.

With these resources, you can get to marketing quicker than on any other platform with specialized content that is proven to work.

Easily build your Core Marketing Pieces

GlassHive has built-in collateral, landing page and email building tools. You can build your own custom-branded templates so that every piece of marketing material you need can be easily and quickly branded, published and ready to use in your next campaign.

And if you use vendor marketing materials, your vendor partners can share their collateral library with you so you have one place to go to for all of your marketing assets.

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