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Industry-leading marketing at scale

Digital marketing can change at the drop of a hat, and the only way to stay on top of market shifts is with great analytics and expert partner management.

GlassHive gives your agency a platform to carry out truly influential digital marketing. With complete visibility, management, data, and analytics, you can become the powerhouse you were meant to be.

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Client management made simple

GlassHive allows you to see the complete picture of the sales and marketing activities for every one of your clients.

Whether the actions were carried out by your team or your client — even if done on another platform — you can see those activities within GlassHive at any time.

Share all your marketing content with unlimited scale

GlassHive has the ability to build marketing content in a dynamic fashion. Everything you create in our content builders can be auto-published to clients at any scale you choose.

Our engine can also auto brand all those assets with their design preferences and contact information, enabling them to get to market instantly.

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Track everyone and everything

Your team does their best work when they have real-time, deep data to work from.

Visibility is a central pillar of GlassHive. The core functions, as well as the look and feel, were created to enable intuitive visibility at a glance with the ability to easily dive into deeper, specific data.

Automate & improve

Many industries have been reaping the benefits of automation for some time now . We figured it was time sales and marketing could do the same.

GlassHive has multiple tools that allow you to automate for easier management and increased success. Whether it’s automated email journeys, campaign A/B testing, or a marketing plan, GlassHive allows your agency to get more out of your workday.

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Create & activate marketing plans

Wouldn’t it be amazing if those detailed marketing plans you created could instantly be put to use and acted on?

Marketing plans in GlassHive allow you to create, schedule, and automatically send all of your campaigns.

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Package & resell your marketing

Have some emails, collateral, journeys, or entire marketing plans that you want to sell to future clients?

GlassHive allows you to package up any of your past marketing so it can be reused for future clients. It even automatically rebrands with the right colors, logos and links.

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Agency-wide performance at a glance

Want to see who your top-performing client is? It’s right there. What about your average open and click-through rates? That’s there too.

There is even an overview of total leads, meetings, opportunities and wins to keep your team aware of the importance and success of the work they do.

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