Let Data Reign Supreme

Make sales & marketing management a numbers game

Big data and best-in-class benchmarks

Sales and marketing management is like a game of chess. It takes years of detailed analysis and sound strategies to consistently win.

GlassHive provides you the immediate success formula with analytics and benchmarks from thousands of IT services providers around the world from average to best in class.

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See the forest AND the trees

GlassHive gives your sales and marketing teams the same quality performance analytics that you expect from your service delivery teams.

Data in hand, you can see the big picture of your sales and marketing efforts without losing track of the day-to-day.

A/B testing to get the best results

Want to compare two awesome subject lines to see which performs better on your list? Or maybe you have two layouts you want to give a shot.

GlassHive’s automatic A/B testing will find your best performing version and send it out to maximize your results.


Centralized dashboards

The main dashboard in GlassHive brings in all the most important data points you need at a glance, from website visitors to the performance of your most recent campaign.

Quickly plan your daily goals and tasks with a glance at your main dashboard, or easily dive into deeper analytics.

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Deep campaign analytics

Get a complete view of how your email campaigns perform.

Besides open and click-through rate, GlassHive allows you to see the per-prospect activity as well as when activities took place.

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Point-based lead qualifications

We created a point system to assist you in qualifying your leads for sales-readiness. Each action, from email click through to form fill has a unique score value that is easily viewable within GlassHive.

Get everyone on the same page

Struggling to prove that MQLs are maturing into SQLs?

GlassHive was developed by a bunch of sales and marketing professionals, so we’re familiar with the butting of heads between the two.

That’s why, from day one, we made sure that both sales and marketing would be operating from the same data, the same list, and the same source of truth.

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Easy-to-read reports

GlassHive automatically records activities and organizes them by team member. With a few clicks, you can see all emails and follow-ups as well as the content contained within each.

You can also configure GlassHive to automatically export these reports so that you can check in at regular intervals to keep your team on track.

Stay on top of wins and losses

With built-in win-wires and lost opportunity reporting, you can keep your team motivated and aligned behind your goals.

Send out these reports to keep your team on the same page and rallied around the cause.

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Stay ahead with marketing plans

Planning your marketing is a fun and exciting time full of optimism —executing, on the other hand, can fall short of expectations.

With marketing plans in GlassHive, you can schedule all of your email campaigns ahead of time so they will automatically send when you need them to.

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Optimize your pipeline

Get automated revenue projections on engagements during each phase of your sales cycle.

Use GlassHive’s automated marketing and sales features to keep prospects moving through the funnel more consistently.

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Build and automate your process

Journeys within GlassHive allow you to send the same series of campaigns to any prospect who takes a certain action.

When leveraged fully, you not only ensure there is always correct follow up to an action, but you also establish your brand the same way for every one of your leads.

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