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Deliver a Legendary Sales Performance

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Features to shatter your quotas

GlassHive gives your sales team the tools they need to carry out effective activities without the rigamarole of data entry and file management. When your sales process lives in GlassHive, you can harness the full power of AI, big data, automation, and an integrated collateral library, without sacrificing your workflow.

Keep track of activities on and off platform

GlassHive has outstanding integrations with Office 365 and Exchange that improve your quality of life.

Anytime you use Outlook, Teams, or your mobile device to send out an email or schedule a meeting, the activity is automatically logged into GlassHive and connected to the right the contact.

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Conduct contact research with a click

Finding important lead information is as simple as entering the information on a business card.

GlassHive automatically scrubs google and social media platforms to create a profile for every lead entered into the platform.

Automate the prospect journey

Doing the same campaigns over and over manually is, frankly, a waste of your time and effort.

In GlassHive you have the capability to create completely automated email journeys. As simple as selecting a trigger event, a series of campaigns and a timeline, you can send out effective campaigns with little to no exertion on your end. That’s scalability.

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Prioritize your leads any way you want

Plan your daily activities at a glance.

GlassHive allows you to organize your leads from temperature all the way to the last activity so you can set your priorities quickly and effectively.

A fully-stocked marketing library

Every GlassHive subscription comes with access to an ever-growing library of MSP content that you can instantly use in your marketing.

Whitepapers, eBooks, infographics and more are immediately accessible to your team to be easily inserted into any email. Each content piece has been tried-and-tested to generate the right leads for MSPs like yours.

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Benchmark yourself against the best

Big data means big improvements. Dial in your sales process and KPIs with big data automatically gathered and compiled within GlassHive.

GlassHive tracks all of your sales and marketing statistics, and even allows you to compare them against best-in-class performers in the industry.

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Notifications that provide great visibility

GlassHive’s notifications are like a great sales assistant. You will instantly know when leads have been assigned to you, the exact moment they are showing interest, and the whether some leads are getting cold.

GlassHive also rings the sales bell for you by letting everyone know when you have an opportunity, close a sale, and hit your quota.

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