Introducing the Glasshive Co-Op Program

Let's Experience theMagicTogether

MSP Marketing & Sales Made Possible

Are you struggling to harness the full power of GlassHive? Having trouble boosting your sales and msp marketing efforts? Feeling lost in a sea of data without seeing the outcomes you desire? Let us help you like a mighty sorcerer with their wand!


The Magic Elixir You’ll Receive


Get ready to transform your business operations with the magic of our brilliant Product Coaches. This quick start marketing program is designed to get your MSP marketing and selling without the hassle. Our Product Coaches are here to make things simple and fun.


Set Up & Integrate Glasshive

  • A Dedicated Product Coach.
  • GlassHive License with up to 20 users!
  • Customize it to match your brand's magic!
  • Immediate access to our marketing materials library.

Execute Marketing Campaigns

  • 4 Email Campaigns a Month (2 w/ Graphics & 2 HTML Text)
  • 1 Designed Landing Page a Month
  • 2 Social Media Posts a Month
  • Journey Automation Setup (Limit 1 per Quarter)

Ongoing Training & Consulting

  • Data interpretation for smart decision-making.
  • Sales training that's akin to a mesmerizing magic apprenticeship
  • Get the most out of your Glasshive investment.
  • We'll make you a GlassHive wizard, wand not included.

Proactive Reporting

  • Monthly insights delivered like your own letter from Hogwarts.
  • All the analytics you need without the yawn.
  • Instant access to the data you need.
  • Set KPI's and witness them get met.

Join the Hive, Feel the Buzz!

So, are you ready for a wild ride through the GlassHive universe? Step into our magical Co-Op program and let’s create some magic together!


Start today for StarStarStarMonth to Month!