Express yourself. One process is not enough.

by GlassHive - Nov 01, 2021

Sales is an interesting topic because no two salespeople are alike, and neither are their processes to close deals. Experienced salespeople have refined their techniques and methods until they figure out what works best for them. 

Even so, no one ever discusses how creative salespeople have to be in order to refine their sales process. Creative salespeople consistently find ways to surprise and delight prospects and customers.  

Refining your workflow

Your workflow is the set of steps you take to turn prospects into customers. There are a lot of techniques you can use to close deals faster. Usually, your personality, background, and experience determine the selling approach that works best for you. Determining your approach allows you to refine your workflow to produce the best results. 

So, what’s your approach? How do you express yourself? 

Even if you believe you’ve found your best sales process and program, every sales professional stands to benefit from trying different types of approaches.

An efficient workflow:

  •  Highlights your efforts to inform
  • Creates interest 
  • Sells your products and services to your target audience 

Essentially, each touchpoint is an opportunity to market yourself.

Whether a rep or sales manager, you know how essential the sales process is to your company’s income and time.  A good sales workflow compliments all aspects of your company, including your: 

  • Business
  • Sales team 
  • Prospect/customer
  • Products/services

How to do it

When defining your sales workflow, start by listing the steps you need to complete before a sale is made. Building a workable flow involves; research, prospecting leads, connecting with them, pitching your sale, and closing. 

It’s important to solidify the actions that will move your prospects from one step to another. This helps you to gain insight into the number of leads in each stage, and their chances of conversion. 

Improve your workflow by ensuring your flow is: 

  • Customer-focused
  • Defined
  • Replicable
  • Adaptable
  • Measurable

Just like your customer journey is tailored, so should your workflow.

Not everyone has the same workflow, so it’s essential to have access to tools that allow you to customize how you close your deal. Salespeople can and should be allowed to be creative within their process. 

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The right tool for the right job

As a marketer or salesperson, you must always have your target audience in mind. 

This allows you to maximize your marketing efforts because you understand what your audience wants. To connect with prospects personally, you have to leverage both your credibility and their engagement. 

And that’s where we come in!

Our collateral library is filled with pre-made marketing material that’s proven to work. Explore our whitepapers, eBooks, videos, and more that cover topics from IT budget to virtualization. 

On average, data suggests, salespeople spend about 35.2% of their time selling. The rest is spent on paperwork, traveling, and other various tasks related to sales.

On average, data suggests, salespeople spend about 35.2% of their time selling.

Inside Sales

We know that time is important when trying to establish interests, build relationships, and close deals. Educate your audience while learning about them with our centralized dashboard that displays your data. The dashboard brings all the most important data points you need at a glance. It’s designed to help you plan, meet, and shatter your sales quotas.

From website visitors to the performance of a recent campaign, you have the visibility and accessibility to dive into deeper analytics.

Our tool allows you to express yourself 

As a sales rep, you can and should be creative within your processes. 

The less time salespeople have to spend advancing a sale, the more they’ll have to work with promising prospects. Our new table features address and resolves key pain points for salespeople to enhance and express themselves within their current workflow. 

The way you sell and how you sell is unique to you, and your CRM platform should reflect that.

Create custom workflows

Glasshive’s new table features add more range and customization to work with you and your style. In sales, you must stand out, and the more you are able to express yourself in your work, the better chance of closing deals.

On one screen, in one place, you can easily tailor contacts, plan, and time-manage like a pro. Time to make your hive yours; that is how you produce the best honey, right?

Well, we thought so too. And we aren’t just pollen on your leg.

Our new feats make it easy to:

  • Assign leads and move contacts around for quick bulk actions like email, edit(s), activity logging, and much more. 
  • Quickly edit contact information without leaving the screen with the power to edit field(s) information inline. 
  • Edits are automatically saved.
  • Track what you’re looking at by pinning column(s) that are important to your work.

Don’t get stuck in the old ways of doing things. You’d never just wing it when it comes to your sales processes. We know there is a lot to see and learn about when it comes to your contacts. 

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Filter out the best leads

Filters have always been an important feature; we want you to see the data that’s most important to you. It’s all about visibility. 

Our enhanced filter feature allows you to:

  • Save multiple views of your contacts and leads.
  • Quickly create and tailor your contact list to reflect how you work with prospects
  • Identify valuable opportunities via criteria-based selection. 

Glasshive works with you and your sales technique. You can split those lists, save them, and come back to pick up where you left off without missing a buzz. Spend time where it matters most to you and your goals. Increase productivity and prioritize tasks with one view, one screen that has everything you need, un-bee-lievable. 

Get the scoop

To bee or not to bee, that is the question. 

Glasshive’s platform features the tools you need to bee the best no matter your sales technique. The concept of our new features is to provide you with the ability to express yourself within your work by tailoring your work view. As a result, you can spend more time with customers, leading to more closed deals and a stronger customer base.

Check out how Glasshive can help you express yourself while sweetening your processes.