GlassHive August and September Updates

by GlassHive - Oct 17, 2023

Release Notes

August & September 2023

We’re back with another GlassHive updates video. This month’s video dives into updates to the Document Builder, new releases such as the Studio and Instagram integration, as well as overall general improvements to the application. Now, let’s buzz into it!

New Features

  • Users can now view and create assets via the Studio.
  • Social media posts can now be assigned universal categories.
  • Users can now post on Instagram via the Social Media feature.
  • Partner users can now search distributors for products, as well as exact pricing and availability from TD Synnex.
  • Users can now inline edit custom fields on the contact and company table.
  • Partner users can now do Magic Branding.


  • ConnectWise integration has been updated with a more robust infrastructure.
  • Increased the file upload size for the activity widget.
  • Updated integration switches to have a pill notification when you turn them on or off.
  • Removed SMS functionality for future improvement.
  • Updated the colors across the app to replace #59486e with #382153.
  • Updated the UI to leverage tab navigation over side navigation.
  • Update the UI across the app to be more consistent overall.
  • Added a confirmation popup when trying to delete campaign content.
  • Updated partner navigation to always go to Studio as Home for partner users.
  • Removed the partner count on the marketplace storefronts.
  • Changed the loading animation for the Studio preview and Magic Branding to be more magical.
  • Removed the Link Branding from Email Authentication options.
  • Updated the tasks nav item to be middle clickable (open in new tab).
  • Updated the contact widget UI.
  • Updated email footer in new magic branding to retain functionality from old email footer.
  • Added Cybersecurity month and Halloween cards to the Studio (only scheduled to appear in October).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the signature wasn’t properly populating for users.
  • Fixed bug with document and landing page text elements.
  • Fixed a bug where large fonts would get cut off in text elements on the campaign builder.
  • Fixed a bug where an error is thrown on the Contact/Company profile.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Save as Template” option for the document didn’t create the content.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t click on the email templates you own in the Studio.
  • Fixed a bug where tasks wouldn’t initially show on the Salesperson’s dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where disabled users show in certain dropdowns.
  • Fixed a bug where the redirect was incorrect when creating a template from a plain text campaign.
  • Fixed a bug related to “No Type” mappings on ConnectWise Integration.
  • Fixed a bug where journey email activities wouldn’t show correctly on the contact details page.
  • Fixed branding banner image placement on the branding page.
  • Fixed several bugs related to the Studio.
  • Fixed a bug where the contact/company board would time out grabbing custom values.
  • Fixed a bug where the email health page throws an error with new accounts.
  • Fixed a bug where the logo is cut off on the initial load of collateral build Studio preview.
  • Fixed a bug where the magic branding wouldn’t be applied to the marketing plan campaign previews in the Studio.