GlassHive March Updates

by GlassHive - Apr 15, 2024

Release Notes

March 2024

We’re back with another GlassHive updates video. We review the newest additions to our one-to-one emailing feature/integration addition, improvements to our Document Builder, and updates geared toward streamlining and improving the tool overall! Now, let’s buzz into it!

March 2024 GlassHive New Features, Updates, and Improvements Breakdown

New Features

  • Added Gmail for sending one-to-one emails.
  • Vendor users can now customize what notifications they receive
  • Partner users can now view the Opportunities report.


  • We updated the UI for the Vendor Collateral Builds table.
  • We updated the Vendor Partner Resources report to include Marketing Plan emails.
  • We solved a visual problem where certain SVGs wouldn’t display correctly on info cards.
  • We added the Vendor Partner Resources tab to the mobile menu.
  • We updated the video for form integration.
  • We updated the Design Studio search bar to have a loading indicator.
  • We updated Document Builder with a variety of new features (see video below)
  • The training link on the Profile menu now opens in a new tab.
  • We updated the Journeys table for Org Partner Resources.
  • We updated the Learn More link for lists
  • We fixed the alignment on the campaign action buttons.
  • We Fixed the UI with the Solution graphic.
  • GlassHive now automatically adds social media links from branding in graphical emails.
  • Vendor users can now sort and filter by Partner custom fields (a dropdown filter is not yet available but will soon be available).
  • We updated tabs for Org shared collateral and documents.
  • Vendor users can now filter by checkbox and multi-checkbox custom fields.
  • We updated the tab navigation for Org partner resources.
  • We updated the autosave functionality for graphical email templates.
  • We updated the org landing page and social media resources page to be tabbed.
  • We fixed the issue where nav bar items were shifted due to a Chrome update.
  • Vendor users can now decide the timeframe for receiving notifications.
  • We updated the Org Marketing Plan table UI.
  • We updated the creation of Vendors for Master Agency users.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where refreshing the opportunity pipeline would cause the filters to be reset.
  • We fixed a bug where the storefront preview and designer wouldn’t show resources.
  • We fixed a bug where document templates generated from a subscription would throw an error when creating a document.
  • We fixed several bugs related to Document Builder.
  • We fixed a bug where documents weren’t loading.
  • We fixed a bug where you could sort by a column that didn’t support sorting.
  • We fixed a bug where the Whitelabel menu logo would sometimes throw an error.
  • We fixed a bug where bulk exporting contacts to HaloPSA wasn’t working.
  • We fixed a bug where you couldn’t delete registered deals.
  • Allow the Marketer role to see the delete button on the contact/company profile page.
  • We fixed a bug where the opportunity table would not show the salesperson dropdown.