GlassHive March Updates

by GlassHive - Apr 07, 2023

Release Notes

March 2023

We’re back with another Glasshive release notes video. Here we’ll discuss all the new features, updates, or quality-of-life improvements we have made in the Hive. Let’s buzz into it!

New Features

  • On the company details page, user can now view a map for each location
  • Bulk assigning a vertical is now possible on the companies tables
  • On the contact and company details page, you can now drag and drop the info cards on the left-hand side panel

Improvements and Updates

  • The app was updated to load pages faster
  • The Client Solutions Roadmap was moved to the green info card on the top of the Company page screen
  • The company profile tabs were updated to match the design of the table tabs
  • No recipients will be shown on the “all campaigns” table when a campaign is in drafts
  • The navigation bar was updated with a new sleek look that includes new icons and functionality that takes up less space than before
  • Verbiage was updated on the landing page domain verification
  • Open and clicks are now tracked for emails that are sent in GlassHive through the Microsoft 365 integration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where custom fields weren’t showing on the contact and company page