GlassHive May Updates

by GlassHive - Jun 14, 2023

Release Notes

May 2023

We’re back with another GlassHive release notes video. Here we’ll discuss all the new features, updates, or quality-of-life improvements we have made in the Hive. Let’s buzz into it!

New Features

  • All users now have access to universal categories.
    • To create, head to your account settings (bottom left-hand corner — click your profile picture). Then click “Account Settings,” followed by “Customizations,” and then “Categories.”
  • Users can now attach universal categories to their solutions, landing pages, and landing page templates.
  • Users can now hide/show fields that appear on the company and contact details pages.
    • Click the “meatball menu” to showcase the menu that unveils that setting.


  • The mobile navigation bar UI has been updated to mirror the sleek look of the desktop version.
  • The UI for creating/editing a custom field has been updated.
  • Users can now update custom fields from the company/contact edit widget.
    • Click the “meatball menu” to showcase the menu that unveils the “edit” button. Once the widget opens, you can scroll to the bottom to see the “add custom field” button.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where user tasks were visually duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t delete Landing Pages with form submissions.
  • Fixed a bug where campaigns created from shared graphical templates wouldn’t show the logo or footer.
  • Greatly reduced the difference in non-graphical emails between what GlassHive shows and how it appears when sent.