GlassHive new release updates

July 2022

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The latest updates from GlassHive

It's been awhile since our last one but even though we're a bit behind with our video releases, it doesn't mean we're behind on the work to make the app simple and fun. In today's video we'll be discussing a few changes we've made to GlassHive's interface, some overall improvements to streamline your activity, and a new feature you're going to love. Let's get into it!

New features

  • Users can now create landing page templates

Updates & Improvements

  • [Landing Page Builder] Users now have the ability to add links to images
  • Company Details logo, Contact Details pic, and Company on Contact Profile now look the same
  • URL and checkbox custom fields can now be clicked on the contact & company profile
  • Users can now see how many times they have sent their collateral in emails
  • Users can now search for fields when mapping their columns during list upload
  • Updated forms integration icon
  • Updated Automations icon on the nav
  • Added Unsubscribed column to contacts table
  • Add View link in notification when a user publishes a LP
  • Force Journeys to have a name on create/edit
  • Activities headshot and icons size is now consistent in Contact Details page

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where dragging elements on collateral builder could break the rendering
  • Fixed issue where the client's next billing date was incorrect
  • Fixed issue where company type dropdown was showing incorrect company types
  • Fixed bug where multicheckbox fields wouldn't update their labels appropriately
  • Fixed bug where Collateral Builder was breaking when you set up your LP branding
  • Fixed bug where notification wouldn't get sent out if an opportunity was marked as won on the table
  • Fixed bug where UI wouldn't inform users when they are overdue on payment
  • Fixed bug when your timezone is set to UTC+5:30 timezone
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't see the proper font styles on LP text element after you made changes
  • Fixed bug where paragraph text in campaigns didn't default to left align
  • Fixed error when duplicating Unpublished Non-Graphical Templates as a Vendor
  • Pop up menu now closes when deleting Unpublished Non-Graphical Templates as a Vendor
  • Opened/Clicked Email filter on Contact Details page now works correctly

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