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The latest features with GlassHive

At GlassHive, we are continuously making improvements to the platform to enhance user experience and functionality.

With all these updates, we want to make sure you’re in the loop too!

Check out the newest updates and features we’ve released to take full advantage of GlassHive and take your sales and marketing to the next level.

New features

  • Added new User Guide to help users get to know GlassHive
  • Created a new pop up menu when you click on your profile image
  • Added ability to edit CC for draft one-to-one emails
  • Added additional columns to Sent Campaigns table
  • Added the ability to view all campaigns
  • Added prefilled text when creating any graphical email from scratch


  • Tables now have updated header UI
  • Updated tables to have better distinction between cells
  • Updated Marketing Plan tables to have table and card view
  • Updated cell consistency across various tables
  • Updated UI on Profile Settings
  • Updated UI on Email Confirmation page
  • Updated UI on Account Settings page
  • Updated Password Reset page UI
  • Users can now go back when adding a contact
  • Users can now create campaigns from the Scheduled Campaigns page
  • Updated CC section to pull all users instead of only salespeople

Bug fixes

  • Fixed fonts not rendering correctly in Collateral Builder and Campaign Builder
  • Fixed bug when adding a new contact with an email with special characters
  • Fixed bug on Mac where pressing command would perform unintended actions
  • Fixed bug on tables where hovering would cause content to jump
  • Fixed bug when updating password
  • Fixed bug where video thumbnail would get generated multiple times in Campaign Builder

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