GlassHive new release updates

September 2022

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The latest updates from GlassHive

We're back with another Glasshive release notes video. Here we'll discuss all the updates, features, or quality of life improvements we have made in the Hive. Let's get into it!

New features

  • Partner users can now create and add forms to landing pages
  • Org users now have the ability to create landing page templates
  • Partner users can now use subscription landing page templates
  • Users can now receive in-app notifications, as well as customize their notification preferences
  • Companies can now have locations attached to them
  • Companies can now be marked as accounts

Updates & Improvements

  • Changed default for form submission notifications to be graphical
  • Updated Landing Page domain widget to state GlassHive instead of Glasshive
  • Wistia Integration was removed from the integrations page
  • Vendors can now view number of lists and campaigns their partners have
  • Companies table can now be sorted by temperature
  • Updated O365 step 2 integration video
  • Users can now add files and notes to Companies
  • Landing pages title was updated under the vendor menu
  • New users need to agree to TOS and Privacy terms before being allowed to sign up
  • Updated company tables to do bulk assigning to companies, rather than assigning to the companies' contacts
  • Added Accounts to Sales Nav

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where CW integration management info cards were not displaying the full content
  • Fixed a bug where new lines were ignored on multiline custom fields
  • Fixed a bug when attempting to edit a contact from the Vendor Partner Leads
  • Fixed a bug where creating a new opportunity throws an error on the contact details page
  • Fixed bugs where "LPs Using It" section for Forms wouldn't tie to correct LPs
  • Fixed a bug where the Journey Email activity under the contact details page, was displaying the contacts email address instead of the senders email address in the "From:" section
  • Fixed a bug where the plain text email templates widget was throwing an error when searching for shared templates
  • Fixed a bug where the thumbnail preview was not displaying the full content under the journey details page
  • Fixed bug where Salesperson dashboard used lifetime values for opportunity and win quotas
  • Fixed bug where Salesperson Dashboard wasn't opening activities correctly
  • Fixed bug where Qualified Leads showed the same data as My Qualified Leads if you are a Partner salesperson

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