GlassHive new release updates

October 2022

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The latest updates from GlassHive

We're back with another Glasshive release notes video. Here we'll discuss all the updates, features, or quality of life improvements we have made in the Hive. Let's get into it!

Updates & Improvements

  • Updated company profile card design
  • Updated contact profile card design
  • Updated location and backend functionality of Partnerships for Partner accounts
  • Updated 2 step authentication page logo
  • Removed Birthdate label and cell within the Custom Contact/Company Field widget
  • Updated tasks to only load 50 tasks at a time
  • Updated logo in CW integration pages
  • Updated Honey logo on Integrations card (bubbles)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where unassigned tasks would break the table
  • Fixed bug where long company description is not wrapping on Company Profile
  • Fixed filter menu that would break when using more than 8 filters
  • Fixed bug where phone number wasn't showing up on company details card
  • Fixed bug where Salesperson Dashboard Opportunity board does not update when choosing different salesperson
  • Fixed bug where tasks weren't being sorted correctly

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