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As a new vendor in GlassHive, we decided to create this guide to help you understand what to expect out of the program along with maximizing your potential results for you and your partners.

This guide is the first part in a four part series that will take you through:

  • What you should expect as a vendor
  • How to find the right content for the program
  • How to select the right partners to participate in the program
  • How to support your partner through the program to ensure success

What should your expectations be?

The ultimate goal of this program is to help your partners generate leads. GlassHive sets out doing that in a few ways that add a tremendous amount of value to you as the vendor. Creating campaigns and executing marketing in an efficient and scalable way is the easy part for GlassHive. However, where we think this program will shine is having the visibility to understand the dynamics that make partners successful in generating revenue.

When going through the program you should expect to see your partners generate leads, but also expect to have the visibility to understand:

  • Which partners are executing proper follow up
  • All leads generated across the program in a simple and easy way
  • Campaign results give you a better idea of what your partner’s prospects might be interested in

The value of visibility is paramount in this program. It will provide you the information you need to support your partners and understand where they need help.

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Sales cycle

Consider what your partners will be selling and who they are selling to. For example, a backup service being sold to a 20 employee business can have a sales cycle (lead to close) as short as 15 days and up to 45 days depending on that partner’s skills. However, if your partners are selling enterprise level products with a relatively high fee to a business that has many employees and a larger leadership structure, you can expect a sales cycle of 6 months or more. You may be on a 3 month program that will generate leads but you may not see partners enter proposals or generate revenue for 3 months after the program is complete depending on the sales cycle.

Length of the campaign

General marketing philosophy shows us that a good campaign considers 3 basic phases:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision making

Whether you are on a 3 month program or a 12 month program these phases always apply but what can change is the amount of time you are in each phase based on solution type and audience. For example, complex solutions geared towards knowledgeable CIOs can benefit from a longer consideration phase since they most likely are aware of the service but need certain details to be more willing to talk to a consultant about the possibilities. If you have a brand new list with prospects that don’t know you very well, they can benefit from a longer awareness/education phase that will prime them to be more responsive during the consideration phase of the campaign. This can affect how fast or slow leads move through the sales process and may warrant a longer overall campaign to achieve the desired outcome.

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Partner sales maturity

In this program your primary lead type will be top of funnel leads. This means they are showing interest through activities but are not necessarily a “please call me to take my money” form submission. The form submissions may come, but we suggest that partners selected for this program should be able to drive sales velocity by proactively engaging with leads as they interact with your content via emails, assets and landing pages. Partners in this program will have selected prospects that meet their basic MQL qualifications such as: company size, vertical, location, and contact type prior to any campaigns being launched. When leads are generated in GlassHive they will be from the pre-selected prospects that are now leads because they have taken actions to click, read and or submit on your marketing content. A partner’s willingness, sales activity consistency and quality of follow-up will affect both speed of revenue generation and quantity or deals within a given timeframe.

In order to keep this information simple to consume and easy to remember, we have split these onboarding topics into a series. You should expect to receive the next topic soon but if you would like to keep reading please click on any of the following links below.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.