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Top 5 mistakes MSPs make that prevent killer growth

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GlassHive and Pronto Marketing teamed up to talk more about the mistakes MSPs are making that are hindering their sales and marketing growth. Check out these helpful tips for taking your sales and marketing efforts to the next level for your MSP and how to fix these mistakes.


Mistake 1

Not Starting with a plan

It’s easy to get hyper focused on your goals. But when it comes close to the time of actually meeting those goals, you may fall short. This is a good time to pause everything. Rather than constantly reacting to what’s going on here and now, shift your focus to create a plan that can actually be achieved. When dialing back, there are a few things to think about in order to form your goals.

What to include in your marketing plan:

  • Where you stand today and your goals
  • Do a competitor analysis
  • Core focus and differentiation
  • Define brand messaging and style
  • Build out a 90 day plan

Mistake 2

Not knowing your audience

If you don’t know who your audience is, how can you create content tailored to their needs and interests? You have to know yourself first. What makes your MSP special? What’s your personality, tone, and theme? By starting internally, you can better serve your audience. How do you want your employees and partners to see who you are? With this, it’s also important to remember that you can’t please everyone. But don’t try to be generic at the same time. By understanding the most common questions in the industry, you can create content that builds a resource library. This allows you to establish credibility quickly.


Mistake 3

Working with an ineffective website

You can’t just use intuition when building out a website. You have to look at the stats and understand what people are searching for, what do they do, and do you have a page on your site that answers that? Have a sitemap that is backed by research.

Don’t be afraid to personalize your website. Using actual photos and videos of your team goes a lot further than just using stock photos. This gives the user a way to see how your business genuinely is. People crave personal connection. Have a clear primary call-to-action. Giving too much information by introducing features and solutions can get overwhelming. You want to create a sense of curiosity and remember what the end goal of the form is. However, not everyone is going to fill out a form and be ready to go. Having secondary call-to-actions is a more creative way to get leads. You still need to get emails for your lists. So instead of offering a generic eBook, try something like a webinar or an event for prospects to sign up for. Get creative with your offers and something that drives value.


Mistake 4

Lack of sufficient activity

It takes some time to get to the discovery call. On average it takes about 12 activities to get to the first discovery call. After that, it generally takes about 2 phone calls to get to an in-person meeting. Then, there are usually 2 more meetings to arrive at the proposal stage. And even with all that work, normally only 1 out of 3 proposals actually close. It takes a lot of work! By not staying on top of leads and following up, your relationship can fall by the wayside. Having a fully built out sales process helps your sales team to follow sales activity and stay consistent. So just keep at it and understand it takes time to close a sale.

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Mistake 5

Not measuring success

Chances are you have a lot of targets to watch. But having KPIs that are actively measuring success is the biggest thing. Tracking form submissions is a small piece of the puzzle for tracking leads. There’s a combination of many other factors that go into converting leads. With that being said, it’s important to build a sales funnel that nurtures leads and can be tracked throughout the process.

Numbers to watch:

  • Email open and click through rate
  • Email health (bounces, spam)
  • Website traffic
  • Sales activities (emails, calls, meetings, close %)
  • Average time to close (47 days)

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