Picking The Right Kind of Content

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In this guide, we will discuss what the right kind of content you should use with your partner program. We will go through a few considerations and how they can affect the content you select for your program.

Funnel strategy

We recommend working with an awareness, consideration, and decision content strategy that leads the prospect through a journey covering all three. You can divide these steps evenly across your program’s time frame. For example, a 3 month campaign can focus on month 1 being awareness, month 2 being consideration, and month 3 being decision.

Awareness, consideration, and decision?

Awareness is about introducing your prospects to the solutions and or services. However, instead of simply offering your solution and its benefits we recommend leveraging education to help prospects have a better understanding of the environment that creates the problem your service is trying to solve and potentially DIY or process solutions to those problems. Your goal should be to provide useful and helpful content that positions your prospect as a subject expert and creates trust.

Consideration is all about providing prospects the information they need to consider your services/solutions. This includes information about how it works, how it compares to other solutions/services and technical details if required. This is great for testimonials and case studies.

Decision is the stage of the journey the prospect would have been made aware of the solution and has been educated on the solutions details and comparables. The last stage is about making the case to take the final step of buying or taking that meeting. This is a good time to offer specials, free consultations, etc.


What kind of assets do I need?

We recommend each month includes:

  • 1 landing page
  • 2 designed emails
  • 2 plain text emails, we refer to these as Personal Marketing Emails (PMP’s)
  • 1 content asset (whitepaper, eBook, video etc.)

Can I customize it?

Yes, while we want to ensure we execute all items on your SOW for the program, there is some flexibility in the campaign structure. For example, you can have each month lead to a webinar making that webinar one of the “content assets” each month. You can also opt to have 2 “content assets” each month and have only one landing page we direct to all three months. If you have any questions on how we can customize please ask your account manager and we can help you structure the campaign that fits your approach

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Target Audience

Lastly, consider the target audience. This has a lot to do with the partner selection process but you will want to match the content you have selected with the partners viable prospect targets. If most or all of your partners are geared to working with 10-25 employee sized companies, we want to make sure the content speaks to those targets. This is also true for specific verticals.

In order to keep this information simple to consume and easy to remember, we have split these onboarding topics into a series. You should expect to receive the next topic soon but if you would like to keep reading please click on any of the following links below.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.