Ensuring Ongoing Success

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In this final guide we will cover some of the activities we recommend you engage in to support your partner throughout the campaign and after to maximize the results.

Here are some things to cover in your sync ups:

  • Campaign results
  • Total leads for that previous week or month
  • Total activities (prospect and sale follow up)
  • Quality of follow ups

Let’s talk a bit about each trait, how they apply, what to look for.

What should I look for?

When reviewing the results with your partner you should be looking for a few conversion percentages that should lead your partner to overall better results. Typically, we see an average across the industry of a 3-5% total close from lead to closed opportunity. The first marker to look for is the conversion rate between leads to meetings. On average, a partner should be able to convert 20% of total leads to meetings. The next marker is an average conversion ratio of 50% between meetings to opportunity. Lastly is a 50% conversion from opportunity to closed sale. There are many factors that go into achieving this ratio, but the number one indicator that predicts success is sales activities. On average it takes between 8-12 touches to close a sale and the campaign will contribute about 4 of those touches on average leaving the rest to the sales process that partner executes.

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Once you have established the proper activity counts with your partner, the next piece of the puzzle is to ensure consistency. We recommend no more than one email per week on a global scale which your campaign will execute. However, on a smaller one to one scale between the sales rep and the generated lead, we recommend no more than 2 emails and 2 calls per week. We also advise that if a sales rep can not get a meaningful response or meeting set within 2 weeks, they should stop their follow up and wait for that contact to interact with the global campaigns. Once that contact generates a new lead activity you can restart your follow up.

No excuse attitude

When working with your partners it’s important to listen and gather helpful feedback that can be used in the next campaign to improve results. With that being said, we must also ensure the feedback does not validate little to no sales activity or poor quality follow-up. You are there to support your partner, but in the end their perseverance will be the answer to the problem most of the time.

Common excuses

Quality of lead is bad:

  • Partner pre-selects prospects that meet a minimum requirement (location, size, contact type, vertical)
  • If they provided their own list, we assume they have already done some pre-qualification to that list.

Lead activity isn’t real:

  • Leads are only generated when a prospect clicks on an email call-to-action, downloads assets or fills out a form.
  • GlassHive leverages technology to remove all robotic or “fake clicks” to ensure only humans are generating lead activities.
  • No one tripped and fell over the “learn more button” on accident.

For the future

GlassHive provides helpful insight into your campaign results that can be used to improve and fine tune your next campaign. Reviewing past campaign click through rate and open rate can tell us what prospects are interested in. GlassHive makes it easy to pull a full report for all of your partners in one window.

In order to keep this information simple to consume and easy to remember, we have split these onboarding topics into a series. You should expect to receive the next topic soon but if you would like to keep reading please click on any of the following links below.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.